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Protect your children with a Free Child ID Kit

If your child goes missing (from a variety of reasons-kidnapping, abduction, run-away), it is important to have the right information to give law enforcement authorities for them to immediately begin a search. The most important tool that law enforcement has to find them is up-to-date personal infor…

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Residential Security Lighting

According to the National Institute of Crime Prevention, 90% of all crime occurs after dark (however, remember, a lot of burglaries occur in broad daylight). Good lighting deters crime and provides a more secure environment. It not only allows you (the homeowner) to see any potential threats in the …

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Vehicle Descriptions

When you see a vehicle that you determine to be suspicious, it is important to be able to accurately describe the vehicle. Once of the best ways to develop a good vehicle description is to use the “CYMBALS” approach. Each letter of the word ‘CYMBALS” is an important part of the description to report…

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Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs...which are you?

Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs...which are you?

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army (Ret.), author of the book “On Combat,” described society as made up of three kinds of people. He says everyone is either a sheep, a wolf, or a sheepdog. These terms are not intended to be derogatory in any way, but d…

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What happens when the lights go out?

Be prepared for emergencies. What would you do if you lost power for a week? What if everyone around you lost power for a week as well? Would you have enough food and water to survive at your house? Would you be able to protect yourself from the rioting that will probably occur?

While most people…

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The Five ALIVE Formula

Generally speaking, people want to be safe. Several years ago, I started writing a book called "Surviving Terrorism and Violent Crime" (The book is almost finished!) I bring this up right now because I just spent a few minutes working on it, and I thought I would share the Five ALIVE Formula from my…

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Blog: Can Responders Find Your House?

When is the last time there was an emergency response in your neighborhood (it was two days ago in my neighborhood)? Can emergency responders easily find you in the event of an emergency? I am speaking about police, medical, and fire specifically, but what about just a delivery truck or even your fr…

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Blog: Is your

Is your safe…safe? Many people are under the mistaken impression that their “valuables” (guns, cash, jewelry, etc.) won’t be stolen because they keep them in safe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, thieves don’t have to “crack” the combination to get to your stuff. Nor do they h…

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Blog: Someone wants access to your home?

Beware of allowing anyone into your home, including someone claiming to be a police officer. This particular subject is prudent because criminals will use any method of disguise to get into your home to commit criminal acts either immediately, or to “case” the home and return later when unoccupied. …

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BLOG: Social Networking and Geotagging

Most computer users today are using some type of social networking site, whether on their actual computer or on their smart phone. Although these websites can be beneficial in many ways, there are also some safety concerns that you and your family should be aware of. As a general rule, these can be …

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BLOG: Do you REALLY need a home security system?

The answer to most is obvious, yet many homes still are not equipped with what is proven to be one of the most valuable crime-fighting tools available. Although many people consider home security and safety to be a top concern, they are unwilling to spend the few dollars it takes to help keep them a…

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