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What happens when the lights go out?

Be prepared for emergencies. What would you do if you lost power for a week? What if everyone around you lost power for a week as well? Would you have enough food and water to survive at your house? Would you be able to protect yourself from the rioting that will probably occur?

While most people consider this scenario to be completely unlikely, think about this: A couple of months ago, the terrorist group ISIL (also commonly known as ISIS) captured personal information about US military members from social media sites and systems they claimed to have hacked into. They then posted a hit list of about 100 people on the internet. Last month, Chinese hackers were able to hack in to multiple systems and steal a variety of government and proprietary information. Last week, it was learned that Chinese hackers were able to hack in to the US Government Office of Personnel Management, and gained access to the personnel files (including background/clearance information) on several million (yes, MILLION) government workers. That is a lot of personal information that could be used in nefarious ways. None of this should be a surprise, as it has been post all over the internet and been on the news for some time. But are you doing anything about it?

Security industry professionals know for a fact that hackers have been attempting to break in to utility systems (and have actually succeeded in some cases), which may allow them to turn off your electricity at will. This is a realistic threat from many fronts: China, Russia, Syria, terrorist groups, etc. When that happens (and I believe it is when, not if), what will you do? Do you have an electric stove that will no longer work? Do you have a gas or charcoal grill to cook your food? Grocery stores will be out of food within a few minutes…what do you have in the pantry? What about water? Have you thought about your pets? Small children? Do you have an alarm system for when someone tries to break in to your house? Is it monitored? Do you have a back-up battery? How long will that battery last? Do you have a way to charge it if the power is off for more than 24 hours? Do you have flashlights on stand-by? Extra batteries?

While these are things most people don’t want to think about…you have to. The only way to survive this type of scenario is to be prepared. If you need help assessing your preparedness, just ask…

Ask us; we can help. The threat is real…is your security?

Stay safe, Jason

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