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Schedule a Speaker or an Event

NPS can provide a subject matter expert to speak at your event on a variety of topics. Working with our sister company, National Protective Services Institute, we have personnel who can speak about home security, business security, travel security, active shooters, personal protection, human trafficking, self-defense and assault prevention, firearms safety, terrorism, and many other topics.

Our speakers are current and former law enforcement (federal, state, and local), military (all branches), and private sector personnel.

Are you looking for an event? Host a 2-hour Self-Defense and Assault Prevention seminar, 2-hour Surviving the Active Threat (Active Shooter) seminar, 2-hour Introduction to Human Trafficking seminar, or one of many other offerings. Only have a 1-hour event? Talk to us, we can develop a brief presentation to suit your needs.

Please contact us for more details or to schedule an event or speaker (with as much advance notice as possible).