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Contractor or Service Referrals

When you receive contractor or other services, it is important to ensure the contractors are properly vetted from not only a quality of work stand point, but also form a security stand point. Criminals often use their services as a contractor to gain access to a home or business area to “case” the area. Additionally, some unscrupulous contractors require an upfront payment, and then either never return to finish the work, or provide inferior quality work and/or service. This happens with many different services: lawn mowing, roofing, fence building, sprinkler systems, driveway/concrete pouring, tree services, etc.

Make sure this doesn't happen to you, or anyone you know. Allow us to refer the right people for your job. Or, if you have hired someone you are unsure about, allow us to refer a contractor who will review the job to ensure quality work is performed.

Referrals are free; you pay the contractors we refer directly.