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We provide uniformed security officers (armed and unarmed) and executive/personal protection specialists (bodyguards). Once you see what we have to offer, we know that you will be very interested in the services of our company. We have worked very hard to make sure that National Protective Services has the best screened, best trained, and most professional officers available. We take this job very seriously, and we're sure that you, as someone who is looking into having security services provided to you, appreciate the extra measures that we take. You see, the average security officer for the average security company is undertrained, undereducated, low-paid, and low-quality. Fortunately for you, our company is able to say that our security officers are none of these.

As you may already know, most states (including Texas) have little or no training requirements for security officers. We believe that this is potentially very dangerous to the clients they are serving and also very dangerous to the general public. The problem, however, lies not within the security industry, but within the businesses and residents of state. Most potential clients do not really want security; rather, they want a look-alike security guard. If you want to get away from this paradigm and have real, trained, professional security officers, you are now in a position to do so.

We realize that many security companies claim their officers are trained, and that it is very difficult to prove otherwise. If you have any doubts about what someone is telling you, ask them for documentation. The staff of National Protective Services will happily invite you to look at the training files of each and every one of our officers. Once you are satisfied, we will begin negotiations for a contract that will provide the right security at the right price. It’s really very simple, and there really is no choice for the true professional. We will be looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.