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Travel Security Services

Traveling can be exciting, or dangerous. Planning and preparing for your trip should involve reviewing local threats and hazards in your areas of travel, planning for any emergencies requiring immediate response, and ensuring your residence is safe while you are gone. NPS can help.

Travel Security Briefing: NPS can develop a security briefing for your trip, which will include threat information (criminal, terrorist, governmental stability, and natural hazards), country specific information (entry requirements, medical capabilities, recommended vaccinations, etc.), embassy contact information, travel warnings, travel safety tips, and more.

Emergency Passport and Visa Service: If your passport is lost or stolen, we can help you obtain a new passport within 24 hours. If requested, we will send a security advisor to hand-deliver your new passport and escort you and/or your family home. Note: For this service, all passport documents must be developed prior to your trip abroad.

Residence Checks: NPS can provide a security officer to personally check on your residence while you are gone. Our officers can put your trash out, pick up newspapers, and ensure nothing is left on your doors or front porch (which could announce to criminals you are away.) We recommend you stop postal service while you are away. NPS will not pick up your mail.