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Blog: Can Responders Find Your House?

When is the last time there was an emergency response in your neighborhood (it was two days ago in my neighborhood)? Can emergency responders easily find you in the event of an emergency? I am speaking about police, medical, and fire specifically, but what about just a delivery truck or even your friend visiting from out of town? While it doesn’t matter if the last two have to circle the block to find you, you want emergency responders to spot your house as soon as they are near it. Many people don’t have clear signage to show their address, and this can be a serious problem if someone is looking for you in a hurry. Drive through your neighborhood. Can you easily spot the addresses during the day? What about at night? How about YOUR home? If you have an intruder, you don’t want the police to overshoot your home and have to come back. That one-more-minute could be the difference between life and death. If you or a loved one is having a cardiac arrest, every minute without care lessens your chance of survival by +/- 10%. While you might assume firefighters will see flames, that’s not always the case.

Make sure your home address is highly visible both during the day and at night. Put something on or near your door, and paint your curb with the house numbers, using reflective paint on a contrasting background.

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