National Protective Services

The Threat is Your Security?

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Local Crime Alerts


Criminal/Civil Investigations

The investigators of NPS are well-trained and experienced professionals. Establishing facts, locating assets, adept recovery, civil investigations, and criminal investigations are easily accomplished utilizing the latest investigative procedures. NPS provides investigative services for individuals, corporations, and private entities alike. Any situation that requires an investigation, will require NPS investigators.

Background Checks

The screening of employees and new applicants is nearly mandatory in today’s society. Many times it is appropriate to extend screening to contractors and vendors. With little effort now, clients can avoid a lot of distress in the future. Our screening process will be done professionally, in strict confidence and in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Screening processes may include address and employment verification, personal reference checks, record checks of criminal activity, driving history, credit history, urinalysis, and polygraph. Various levels of background checks are available, depending on your needs.

Fugitive Recovery

Our fugitive recovery specialists provide the services necessary to locate, apprehend and return subjects who have “skipped bond” or otherwise require legal intervention on the behalf of bail bondsmen. We only provide these services for licensed bail bondsmen with the legal and appropriate authority to conduct these operations.