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Threat Assessments

Threat assessments help you to determine the level of threat against you, your family, or your business. These assessments entail a realistic look at the criminal threat as well as terrorist threat which may affect you. The five basic areas looked at during this assessment are 1) the existence of individuals or groups who would want to cause you harm, 2) their level of capabilities to commit acts, 3) their previous history of committing acts, 4) their intentions (what they hope to achieve and how they hope to do so), and 5) targeting (specific targeting to include as much information about their plans as possible. For instance, are they targeting you, your family, your business, or just looking for wealthy and accessible people).

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments help you to determine how you are vulnerable to criminals or terrorists. This is done by comparing the perceived threat against you (see threat assessment description) and then determining the most likely methods your enemies would use to harm you. These assessments vary in scope determined by the level of threat, but as a general rule will include 1) looking at weaknesses in physical security plans, programs and structures, 2) looking at personnel practices and procedures relating to security, and 3) making recommendations to enhance current programs as well as supplement programs with additional measures.

Security Design

Specializing in planning and implementing complete, cost-effective, and unique security design and landscaping enhancements, allowing you to take full advantage of natural barriers and boundaries to supplement existing security systems or when adding a security system to your home or office. This is not to hide electronic security devices, but rather to make proper use of natural physical security thereby multiplying the effectiveness of electronic security and maintaining a level of effectiveness if and when electronic systems fail.

Church Security

Specializing in providing religious institutions the information they need to make their church campus, members, and visitors as safe as possible. From threat assessment to vulnerability assessment, physical security recommendations, establishment of a critical incident response plan, written security operations directives, establishment and training of security personnel (including addressing proper legal, training, and liability concerns), and other necessary concerns, we are your total security solution. Most churches are currently NOT IN COMPLIANCE with prevailing legal requirements in their jurisdictions. We will help get you legally compliant and safer than you are today.

Range Operations and Design

Four things give ranges the most grief all across the country; Noise (people near a firing range, airport, high noise environment, etc. and then complain about the noise); Environmental (operators not following protection rules and regulations; usually not on purpose); Containment (projectiles getting off the range); and Encroachment (building to close to an environment they should have stay clear of). We build shooting ranges to make a community asafer, not to instill fear, or harass the neighbors. When a range is properly planned and designed, it will not be noisy, nor hazardous, by projectile or environmental. A range promotes safety by providing a controlled place to shoot. Without a range, irresponsible people with firearms will shoot wherever they feel the urge, or at anything that looks like a challenge. Look at country road signs. Promote safety by providing a place for citizens and law enforcement to train.

We know you know it is a really bad idea to continue a war with the neighbors, even though you are legal and in the right. In the end, everyone loses. We work for you, to address neighborhood concerns and educate them how those concerns will be addressed. We ensure you get the best value range package possible. We ensure you (your agency) can complete training objectives on the facility designed and delivered. We do not sell anything but; represent your interests to all the range equipment manufactures. We ensure your containment, noise, environmental and encroachment issues are appropriately addressed.

Request our Range Master’s CV and Range Services brochure for more information. Further, if are already involved in legal issues and want our services, we recommend contacting us through your attorney to keep everything under Attorney Client and Work Product Privileged Confidential Communication.

Build well, train safe.